After booking, additional FAQs will be included in your welcome packet!

Can you come to my hotel room, home or venue?

Absolutely! I prefer going on-site! It’s much much easier for you and your party to be where you already need to be. As long as there is adequate space for mine and the makeup artist(s) set up. 


I don’t live in Grand Rapids or even Michigan! Do you travel!?

Heck yes I do! .50/mile beyond 40 mile radius of my studio in downtown Grand Rapids, MI. Locations beyond 150 miles may require hotel accommodations for the night before as well. Beyond 400 miles or out of state/country…let’s chat. If you think this is crazy…it’s not! Ive been out of the state and country for weddings, and I LOVE IT! Take me with you on your destination wedding or elopement too. Visit The Elopement Co for complete packages.


Do I need a trial? 

No. However I highly recommend one! Besides the obvious, the appointment allows us to meet in person, talk about the big day and I get to learn about you and your love story! If you are from out of town and our schedules don't meet up in the months leading up to your wedding date, a trial can be done the week of the wedding in most cases. Have no fear or worries! This is quite common for out of town weddings or brides. 


Do you do group discounts or a discount on Sundays or weekdays?

Unfortunately, I do not discount my services. 


Do you have different pricing on holidays?

Certain holidays and holiday weekends, if I’m accepting bookings, do require a holiday fee and/or higher minimum.  Please inquire.


What if some of my bridesmaids want to do their own hair or cannot afford your prices? Can you just do my hair?

I require a minimum headcount of 5 for Friday + Saturday weddings, and 3 head minimum for Sundays. No minimum for Mon-Thurs.  Although I think it’s important for everyone’s hair and makeup to be professionally done, I totally understand there is a budget! Please discuss my pricing with your girls. Sometimes, to make it easier for your girls’ budget, brides will ‘gift’ all or some of the cost for professional hair and makeup services.


Is there a price difference with each hairstyle or length?

No matter the style, up or down, pricing is the same. The only difference is when the hair length is above the shoulders, requiring blow out or light styling, no pinning. As well as girls under the age of 12 years old.   


Do you charge extra to put in my clip-in extensions, veil or hairpiece?

Nope! In fact…I encourage clip in extensions in some cases. Especially with today's hairstyle trends requiring lots of hair!


What forms of payment do you accept and when do I pay you?

Cash, check, credit or debit. Your booking retainer is due when you book to secure your date. Your trial is due on or before your trial appointment. The remainder is due before the wedding date. You will receive an invoice a month prior, once we confirm a final headcount, to be paid in one lump sum. If your girls are paying for their own hair services, please collect money from them and pay me in full. If paying in cash, I can collect the morning of, however it will be collected and counted BEFORE services begin. Checks must be delivered and cleared PRIOR to wedding date.