Braided Bridal Beauty- Grand Rapids Bridal Hair Stylist

The next in the series of styled bridal shoots, back from the spring time (remember this post here?), is lil miss Taylor. She's a spunky gal. And that hair was goooooorgeous in a braid. I HAD to braid it. Her hair color showed off this fishtail so nicely. First, Ashely of APaige Photography headed around the corner from the salon, where we were busy bees getting ready, to take some quickies... taylorblog11 taylorblog6 taylorblog3 taylorblog2 Taylorblog1


See? I told ya she was spunky!

That first dress she's wearing...snagged that bugger for $4.99  at my local Goodwill. WHAT. Yup. You never know!

And that braid, right? So. Note to brides who want a braided hairstyle for their wedding day...add some dimension to the color of your hair. Even a little will go a long way. It will really make the braid look that much more interesting!

Then we switched out the flower clips for some real flowers. Baby's breath to be exact. And we headed to Robinette's, a very well known apple orchard here in West Michigan, where the apple blossoms were just starting to show themselves.

taylorblog10 taylorblog4 taylorblog8 taylorblog9 know...just some beautiful (pretend) brides hanging out in an apple orchid. Regular day.


And then she found a playground :)

But for real...I had a great time hangin' with these gals for the day. It's nice for some creative minds to get together and play once in a while!