Boho Styled Bridal Shoot

Earlier this spring, back when the apple trees were just starting to bloom at Robinettes in Grand Rapids, Michigan, several talented young ladies and I got together to collaborate on a styled bridal shoot with 4 different models! What a dream! Now...I had every intention to get these photos out here much much sooner than this. Sigh. But, you know, life happens. So without any further ado...feast your eyes on our first model, the boho bride, Amanda.

amandablog7 amandablog6 amandablog5 amandablog10 amandablog9 amandablog8

What do you think of this hairstyle? So simple, yet so pretty! A braided headband wrapped in front of her forehead with a finishing touch of flowers!

amandablog13 amandablog12 amandablog4 amandablog3 amandablog2 amandablog1

I wanted her look to be effortless. Tousled waves and a breezy dress, as if she was a carefree flower child, frolicking in a feild....


Aww...aren't they just too cute :) That lil lady with Amanda would be Taylor, our next bride. Consider this a sneak peek. Stay tuned for those photos coming soon! (I pinky swear!)

Photographer: APaige Photography Makeup: Morgan Jastrzembski Hair: Krystle Waivio Hair