Bridal Hair Series- 1st edition

I've had this vision of a styled photoshoot for a long, long while now. Bright, light, simple, beautiful, bridal. I kept putting it off, but still thought about it almost every day. Ugh. It was starting to get me real bummed that I wasn't acting on my vision. Especially since the bridal season usually comes to a screeching halt come late fall here in Michigan. I needed something to keep me going. Then Alycia Choroszucha, a local lifestyle photographer, posted a striking photo to Facebook of her beautiful friend and her amazing long hair, literally flowing in the wind. 'THERE. Her. That's my model. I NEED HER HAIR, STAT!' I thought. And since I've worked with Alycia many times before, I knew she could capture my vision and work perfectly. So, we got together and made some magic happen. Hooray!

Meet Maddie, our 'model'. Let me just tell you about her. She's never modeled for something like this before. She's..lets say a hippie skateboarder. No makeup, no dresses, lets her hair go wild and free. Which is so awesome. I wish more young women were more like her. Embracing her natural beauty, not getting all hung up on getting eyebrows 'on fleek' or the perfect way to sculpt and contour with layers and layers of foundation. But for photoshoot purposes...I primed a bit. Still keeping the makeup simple and natural, the hairstyles were the main focus. When I was finished with her first look, she just couldn't believe that it was her looking back at herself in the mirror. It was freaking adorable. What a trooper. Completely out of her element. But gosh...*heart eyes* I'm so incredibly thankful she agreed to work with us.

The hairstyles I created for this shoot were all braided, yet could be very bridal. Super simple, yet so gorgeous. Braided bridal hairstyles are incredibly popular these days, and I love it!

Alycia did an incredible job with photographing, as always. When she sent the photos my way, I could not stop looking at them. I was obsessed!

So, take a look at my vision come to life and let me know what you think!

Krystle Maddie-072 Krystle Maddie-050 Krystle Maddie-098 Krystle Maddie-095 Krystle Maddie-085 Krystle Maddie-131 Krystle Maddie-222 Krystle Maddie-229

I MEAN...yeah. Right?! I know. I can't even. Stunning. I could go on...but I'll just stop and thank Maddie again for being so sweet and taking direction perfectly. And of course Alycia for her crazy good photography skills and taking the time to help me with this idea I had a brewin. Please take a moment to gawk at her work at She's available for lifestyle, family and wedding photography.

Are you a bride-to-be in the West Michigan area? Shoot...I even travel north, south, east, west! I'd love to work with your on your wedding day! On location hair services, it's what I do and love. Contact me if you'd like some more info. Thanks for stopping in :) -Krystle