Hi, I’m Krystle. Nice to meet you, and thank you for stopping by! I think it’s really important to get to know my clients and network on a deeper, personal level. I’d love for you to do the same with me! 
City dweller with a heavy dose of nature.
Travel hungry.
Music is life.
Personality type: INFP. (Read more here. Take it yourself! I love personality assessments and figuring out how people work.) 
Drinks of choice: hot tea or a gin cocktail.
Favorite season: spring, summer, fall. Avid snow + cold avoider. A snow bird in her 30’s.
Animal lover (it hurts how much I love them *crying emoji*).
Vegan foodie.
Hugger (tree + people).
Natural beauty enthusiast.
Feminist (noun): a person who supports feminism. Feminism (noun): the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.
I LOVE love. And love is love is love is love. 
Balance seeker (and skeptic…does it even exist?)
Universe + manifestation believer.
Aunt (to the cutest nephews in the world…like, seriously…) 


Hairstylist: Bridal hair + updo specialist. 
Independent Educator: I teach bridal styling and updos to hairstylists and makeup artists in small class and private one-on-one sessions.
The Elopement Co: Lead Hair stylist and Makeup Artist for the couples that want to run away together or just want a tiny and intimate wedding. Within Michigan, the US or anywhere in the world. Recent destination elopements have been in Scotland and Norway.
Beauty Guide for LimeLife by Alcone: I don’t just sell all-natural skin care and professional makeup. I help women (and men!) feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. I’d love to help you set up a skin care regimen or even find your new favorite makeup routine that makes you feel amazing.


Spring through Fall: West Michigan + beyond!
Winter: Maui, Hawaii
(But really…take me anywhere, please!)


Skill is one thing, but add in the passion + gratification of helping someone feel their best and most beautiful, and THAT… that is why I do it. My heart bursts with joy when one of my brides exclaims “Oh my gosh, I LOVE IT!” My eyes might even get misty when I see my clients beaming with beauty and excitement.  And if you send me a thank you note after your wedding day or when your skin feels and looks better than it ever has…well, there I go into a puddle. Knowing another woman out there feels beautiful makes all the hard work of having my own business completely worth it.