Imagine yourself walking down the aisle towards the love of your life... How do you want them to see you? How do you want to feel? As a bridal hair stylist, I know the importance of feeling confident and beautiful with all eyes on you. It takes a different breed of stylist to make it within the wedding industry. I continue to learn new techniques and trends by the industry’s top bridal hair educators from all over the country. While technical skill is important, so is the relationship between the bride and stylist. Working with my brides, I get to know their story, personality and personal style, in order to create the perfect look that reflects their true self, so they feel like the best version of themselves while walking down the aisle!



My professional hairstyling career began my senior year in high school where I attended the cosmetology program at Kent Career Tech. After graduating and obtaining my license, my first job was at an upscale salon & spa. From there, a small in-home salon where I really began to build the everyday clientele, which then lead to opening up my own cozy, three-chair salon in Grand Rapids. Within my 12 years of professional hairstyling experience, I realized there was a need for stylists dedicated to the bridal industry. Which brings me to present day, focusing on my true passion, bridal hair! 



Tea drinker 


In a relationship with Michigan but secretly wants to be with California 

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Wanna be yogi

Photography Lisa Hammond

Photography Lisa Hammond